DIEM in TIVIT Results and Business Forum

DIEM participated in TIVIT Results and Business Forum at Helsinki on April 12th.

During afternoon session DIEM participants gave four presentations. Programme Director Petri Liuha from Nokia introduced DIEM, showing how applications can be created using open embedded data. Charles Woodward from VTT gave a talk on augmented reality work in Mobile Mixed Reality Work Package. Mikael Latvala from There Corporation showed how device interoperability enhances Building Automation and Vesa Tornberg from Polar talked about smart exercise environments, studied by Public Spaces Work Package. The presentation materials can be found at TIVIT Results and Business Forum homepage.

On demo area various applications were shown, including:
- Home automation control system
- Exercise data visualized as an aquarium
- Lean feedback system for gyms
- Dibidogs augmented reality books
- Rule-based control of devices
- Connecting input and output devices to a mobile phone